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        About us

        Zhejiang Rongcheng Silicone Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. We now are located at Meixi Town of Anji County (a famous and beautiful place in China for bamboo).

        Zhejiang Rongcheng Silicone Material Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of former Hangzhou West Lake Silicone Co., Ltd. Covering an area of 10,000M2, we now mainly produce five series of products, including Methyl silicone oil series, Silicone grease series, Release agent series, Touch finishing agent series for fabrics and clothing and Textile printing and dyeing auxiliary series.

        At present, our R&D team is make cooperation with Lingzhi Chemical Research Center for the development of some new products. We are receiving a high reputation in this trade for experienced technicians, complete analysis and inspection instruments, leading equipment, matured manufacturing methods. There is an integrating work team in our company, they are playing the key roles in the development, trade and application positions of our company and most of members are senior engineers, engineers and bachelors. Now, our products are widely used in machinery industry, textile printing & dyeing industry and daily chemical industry, and we are ranking a leading position in this industry of China in terms of quality and production scale. Our products own powerful competence in the market, and our business also enjoys excellent development potential!

        Aiming to be a creative company, Rongcheng strives to get survival by producing excellent quality, and obtain good profits by adopting good management system. We are working hard for providing customers with the best products and service!